Event Rules:

1. Please refrain from chat conversations while a speaker is presenting. It distracts from the purpose of the event, and makes the speaker’s text more difficult to read. Any user who engages in this behavior will be warned by a room owner for their first offense. After the second offense, the user in question will lose his/her write access for the duration of the event.
2. Please refrain from asking questions that are not related to the current topic. Time is limited and to ensure the best experience for all, we would only like to address questions that are directly related to what the speaker has presented. Unrelated questions will not be addressed, and will be dealt with in the same manner as unrelated conversation (see rule 1). #NOTE: For this, we gotta somehow display the room isn’t accepting any questions that time. (Maybe by changing the room status ??)
3. Valid questions may only be asked after the speaker has finished speaking. We seek to minimize interruptions to the speaker’s presentation. Any questions asked while the speaker is speaking will be considered unrelated conversation (see rule 1). Please hold your questions until the end of the lecture.
4. Valid questions asked during the allotted time will be asked in the order they are received. Please try not to ask a question that has already been asked. Note that due to time constraints, some questions may not be able to be answered.
5. At the conclusion of the event, resources on each topic will be provided to anyone who is interested.
6. This event will be conducted in English, and we ask for your cooperation in speaking it. Other languages will not be given responses, and may even be deleted or considered unrelated conversation (see rule 1).

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